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BmC 100

A Series of Short Videos Documenting our Story

These videos are in celebration of

Buhler Mennonite Church's 100 years of ministry.

Our celebration motto is "100 years of following Christ". We commend these videos to the public

for edification and the glory of God.


BMC 100 History Book

Buhler Mennonite Church

100 years of faithful ministry is cause for celebration. Throughout history God calls us to remember, build memorials, and engage in rituals of memory so that when in the future our children ask, "What does this all mean" (Joshua 4), we can tell them of God's help and faithfulness. This book is such a memorial! This book is the story of Buhler Mennonite Church's (Buhler, KS) ministry as we celebrate our 100th year of ministry.

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